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The purpose of this blog is to make it easier for people around the world to see what Ghanaian designers are up to. Im always having to go to like 100 websites, and some i forget about.I always wanted someone to make a one stop place where I could go and get access to my favorite designers. I waited and waited, and no one made it. So i decided to do it myself.This site has links to the hottest and freshest Ghanaian designers. Click on “Gallery of designers” to see designers and their pages. But it also has pages that links to some of the coolest blogs and magazines around, praising African fashion, especially Ghanaian fashion.
So make sure you come by this page often, because its an elastic page- it will change over time. Have fun!!

I know i should decorate this page more, but Im not going too.. this is a page intended to see whats happening with fashion–all in one place–when it comes to Ghana fashion.What more do I need? hopefully this will simplify your life too.

NOTE–all pictures of the designs are taken from the designers page.They may look fuzzy.When you click on their site , you will see a clearer view.All the designers make BEAUTIFUL pieces, so take the time to see what they are doing because you will be pleasantly surprised.

This is something I have compiled for fun. if you are a designer and you do NOT want your store/pix on this site, please contact me immediately.
I hope all of you will be happy that now there is a place where you can see all of the Ghanaian designers in one place.


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